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From domestic gardens and roofs to pioneering commercial developments and public spaces, every green space has the potential to celebrate bio diversity and health whilst remaining bountiful, beautiful and low maintenance. 

Throughout the UK London Glades are passionate about developing the built up environments relationship to the natural world through innovative landscape design practices and installation art, with ecology and interaction at its heart. 

We design and create beautiful ecology driven landscapes for both private clients and the public; for people conscious of environmental impact and bio diversity whilst remaining true to aesthetic and practicality. 


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RHS Awards

Gold Award and Best Garden For a Changing World…

The London Glades garden at Hampton Court Flower Show 2017 created an urban space, presenting the innovative practices we can all achieve within a small space, for the good of both the natural world and ourselves.

Using Forest gardening techniques the garden heralded the lost connections between food growth and biodiversity, where natural processes create harmony and low maintenance while offering an abundance of food production. With the trends for forage foods increasing, our garden was celebrated as a self sustaining gourmet garden with every plant offering an edible quality while remaining wild and beautiful. 


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Our passion for transforming the way we connect to our landscapes in built up areas and encouraging a stewardship for the earth, is explored in our various work with public spaces and exciting commercial projects. 

Putting community and nature in the heart of green space, enhancing biodiversity, food sovereignty and carbon sequestration. Creating a future where we find our place within the natural balance. 

We are working further with Mental Health charities Mind in Haringey and The Center for Mental Health to research the intrinsic connection between nature connection and our mental health.  Through creating tangible evidence of this integral relationship we hope to promote ways in which how we can resolve our ecological disconnect for the benefit of us all and the generations to come. 



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We promote the role of nature as essential to our joint future. Using horticulture in artistic installations, celebrating both its beauty and fundamental importance to the health of our lives, we encourage our audiences to re evaluate their relationships with the natural world.

Why can't nature and our connections to it be as exciting as other media worlds as music, fashion and food? We want to help create this necessary cultural shift and herald the integrity of natural engagement. May ourselves and our next generations be proud to take on our worlds challenges towards a healthier, balanced tomorrow. 


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London Glades Ltd make up a diverse and forward thinking team of collaborators aiming to help create an optimistic, culturally led vision for a greener tomorrow through ecologically centred landscape design and natural art installation.


Jon Davies

The founder of LondonGladesLtd and an RHS award winning landscape designer and artist from London. His passion for sustainability and the future challenges we face connecting with nature and growing food in our built up environments are at the foundation of his projects.

Jon believes that a culturally led change from consumerism to sustainability is of key importance to creating a more harmonious, nature centred tomorrow. 


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Steve Williams

A pioneering designer and visual artist based in Bristol. Steve is fascinated by the relationship between people and the natural world and the importance of breaking down the ever growing divide between the two.

He explores this theme through innovative and dynamic garden and landscape design as well mixed media artwork. Two of his designs, one a domestic and the other a public space, were shortlisted for the prestigious SGD awards in 2017. 



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London Glades Collaborators and Consultants

From ecologists, permaculture designers and theorists to mycelium farmers and arboriculturalists the practical aspects of the design process are explored by passionate people with a wealth of knowledge. Our team also comprise of an artistic dynamic ranging from sculptures to mix media installation artists who offer the perfect balance for the project. 


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